The Missed Seminar

After Eslanda Robeson. In Conversation with Steve McQueen’s “End Credits”

Cultures d’Avenir

A European learning and exchange program

Where is the Planetary?

A Gathering | In Collaboration with Koki Tanaka

Desire Lines

Queer Love Across Island Imaginaries

Hijacking Memory

The Holocaust and the New Right

The Shape of a Practice

Negotiating Context in the Anthropocene

Mississippi. An Anthropocene River

A research project on the novel epistemic, aesthetic, and educational challenges of the Anthropocene

The Unforeseen

On the Lure of Risk in the Participatory Arts

Reading Bodies!

Cruising Corpoliteracy in Arts, Education and Everyday Life

It’s not over

The joint plaintiffs speak out one year after the NSU trial

Radiophonic Spaces

Walk-in radio archive and platform for listening knowledge

10. Internationaler Literaturpreis

Award for Translated Contemporary Literatures

Dangerous Conjunctures

Resituating Balibar/Wallerstein‘s “Race, Nation, Class”

1948 Unbound

Unleashing the technical present

Why Are We Here Now?

3 Weekends with Adania Shibli, Mohammad Al Attar, Rabih Mroué

Now is the Time of Monsters

What Comes After Nations?

Berlin Documentary Forum 3

new practices across disciplines

Berlin Documentary Forum 2

new practices across disciplines

Berlin Documentary Forum 1

new practices across disciplines