Equal cultural participation is important to HKW. In our landmarked building, we make every effort to continue to improve all facets of accessibility. Your feedback can help us in this regard. We appreciate your questions and suggestions:
oder 030 – 397 87 175

Bus and train escort service

The VBB assistance service can be used to get here.
More information [PDF]

Persons with limited mobility, stroller and wheelchair users

Please note there is restricted access due to construction work:.

  • HKW is currently accessible via the barrier-free, step-free main foyer entrances. Another barrier-free entrance is located on the east side of the building. There is currently no barrier-free access to HKW from the Spree side. The basement is closed.
  • Restaurant Weltwirtschaft has barrier-free access only via the Spree side.
  • The exhibition Ceremony is only accessible via a staircase.
  • Barrier-free entry to the exhibition The Missed Seminar is only possible via the roof terrace. An elevator on the mezzanine level leads to the roof terrace.
  • Barrier-free entry to the exhibition Three Doors is only possible via main entrance.

Remaining Accessibility:

  • Two barrier-free parking spots are in front of the main lobby’s right entrance; another is on the left, next to the gate in front of the eastern driveway to the building.
  • The entrances to the main lobby on the south side of the building have wheelchair-height intercom systems.
  • A barrier-free elevator leads to the basement and mezzanine. Another elevator on the mezzanine level leads to the roof terrace.
  • o The basement and mezzanine each contain two gender-neutral restroom facilities for people with limited mobility.
  • Wheelchairs are available on loan from the counter.

Persons who are partially sighted or blind

  • At the main entrance of HKW, a tactile model offers orientation about the building levels. Information about the architecture of the building and its surroundings are provided in braille and are marked by strong visual contrasts.
  • Glass doors are labeled with safety markings.
  • The elevators are equipped with braille panels and the stops are announced.