Projects 2011

Nō Theatre

Komparu Ensemble, Tokyo

transmediale.11 – RESPONSE:ABILITY

Festival for art and digital culture Berlin

Berlinale at the HKW 2011

GENERATION - Premiers and Repetitions


Analog Bodies in the Digital Era

Ten years of 9/11

Politics, Language, Images in the 21st Century

In Transit 2011


Wassermusik: Desert

Summer Open-Air Festival

Festival Über Lebenskunst

101 hours at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt and in the city of Berlin

Asia-Pacific Weeks 2011

Cultural program

Meridian | Urban

Curatorial Projects on Health


in the framework of the Asia-Pacific Weeks 2011

Floating Food

Part of the 8. Asia-Pacific Weeks 2011

Nice to meet you: Culinary Collisions in 100 sec.

Part of the 8. Asia-Pacific-Weeks 2011

Almanya hier, Almanya da

Turkish-German Films and Stories | Türkiye / Almanya Film Festivali – Filmler ve öyküler

Festiwalla 2011

Youth Theater Festival

Imagine(d) Kinships

Asian Film Festival Berlin

Première Brasil 2011

Films of the Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival

Tracing Mobility

Cartography and Migration in Networked Space

Worldtronics 2011

Electronica Surprise