Grayson Play-Lab, Photo: Brandon Clifford. Image courtesy of Matter Design


Schools of Tomorrow 3

School projects

Dear Future,
Presentations, talks, workshops, panels
November 18 & 19, 2021

Schools are laboratories for the society of tomorrow. But how can they enable democratic, self-determined and sustainable action? In school year 2020/2021, with projects at eleven Berlin schools and a project group in Naples, students, along with artists and everyday experts, explore the question of how school can teach agency and engagement in young people’s lives.

It’s not just since the state of emergency caused by the coronavirus pandemic that we’ve known that learning and teaching urgently need to be rethought. Fresh methods and infrastructures are required that make knowledge transfer more approachable and topical. What kind of new digital and physical learning spaces are possible beyond the classroom and what kind of curriculum can empower young people to actively shape the future? For Schools of Tomorrow 3, HKW initiates new school projects for artistic research into the future of education and presents them in November 2021 at Dear Future,. In June, two online discussions explored schools in the climate crisis and as spaces for experimentation since the 1970s.

Between 2017 and 2019, the first two editions of Schools of Tomorrow negotiated related questions in diverse formats.

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