A parked car fell in a sink hole, Photo: Christopher Sadowski, 2020

May 27–29, 2022

Die Zivilisationsfrage

Presentations, discussions, performance

May 27–29, 2022

In English

Established histories of humankind reproduce imperial myths of civilization. A conference addresses the planetary crisis and the possibility of social change.

Is our current social order inevitable? In their book The Dawn of Everything, David Graeber and David Wengrow have presented the outlines of a new human history. On the basis of recent and newly synthesised findings from archaeology, anthropology and the knowledge of resistance movements, brought together for the first time, they reconstruct the diversity of political forms of organization in past societies and revise numerous preconceptions about the history of the development of complex societies. The conference Die Zivilisationsfrage takes the publication of the book's German translation in January 2022 as the basis for a radical revision of prevailing views of history – and for a new dawn. For after the illusions of Empire, Eurocentrism and Civilization, there is yet something to learn: What does it mean to be civilized?

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