© Human Rights Tattoo
Katharina Achterkamp, Design: NODE Berlin Oslo
Boys Will Be Boys, © Jasmin Erb
The Skin, © Katharina Achterkamp
Trans Opera , © Thijs Adriaans

Sep 14–15, 2019

Reading Bodies!

Cruising Corpoliteracy in Arts, Education and Everyday Life

Performances, discourse, workshops

Sep 14 & 15, 2019

Lobby, Hirschfeld Bar, Lower Lobby, Conference Room 1 and 2
Free admission

Whether on the subway, on social media, at the museum – in fractions of a second, people classify the bodies surrounding them, often in categories like female/male, young/old, sick/healthy, alien/familiar, normal/different. Bodies are complex sign systems. They send intentional and unintentional messages, reflect traditions and current trends, which are often interpreted unconsciously by others.

Corpoliteracy, or body reading, is interested in the complex backgrounds of how people perceive themselves and others. Corpoliteracy reflects value systems, social practices and the mechanisms that lead to attributions, constraints and exclusions.

For Reading Bodies! contributors from the arts, education and mediation, science and everyday life examine the transformative potential of corpoliteracy, or body reading, for a pluralistic and inclusive society.

Performances give bodies a voice. Panels explore the diverse dimensions of the alphabet of the body. Workshops and interactive formats invite visitors to new bodily experiences. Topics such as dis_ability, gender and racism will come up as well as the trend towards self-optimization and the influence of digital technologies on body images. How to train the ability to read bodies critically? How can everyone autonomously and creatively deal with their own body signs? And what role can the arts and cultural institutions play in this?

With Magda Albrecht, Aral Balkan, Nadja Buttendorf, Bogomir Doringer, Nemi El-Hassan, Feminist Health Care Research Group, Human Rights Tattoo, Raul Krauthausen, Olave Nduwanje, Klaus Spiess & Lucie Strecker, Jules Sturm & Angelo Custódio, Sabina Enéa Téari, Mavi Veloso feat. Dynno Dada, Sanni Est & Tina Escarlatina, Jeremy Wade and many others.

Part of The New Alphabet

As part of Berlin Art Week