The Anthropocene Project. An Encyclopedia

The Anthropocene is somehow something like civilization’s collateral damage, created in use, in the situation, in experiencing scarce resources, and on the verge of world destruction. With an eye on survival, we realize the failure of cultural techniques and instable cosmologies. Suggestion: let us think of culture as a verb. The term “cultivate” is related to it, after all. Even if in the Anthropocene there are other, entirely new fields to till. A call for action, to compose material and mysteries anew. Rather than only naming things, experience them – in a new forum, along with new sounds and sensibilities. Perhaps even somewhat dissonant. Dig in the mud, think in tones and tonalities, build new conceptual landscapes in which we can live. That would be one proposal of the Anthropocene Project, and undoubtedly better than stagnating in an apocalyptic mood.