The Anthropocene Project. An Encyclopedia

breathe. breathe in and breathe out. slowly. wait until relaxation sets in. breathe in and breathe out. find peace in your body and mind. feel how the universe permeates you, how you permeate the universe. feel the winds of the universe inside you. breathe, lose yourself. more deeply. touch the darkness inside you. rest. feel the silence. the air inside us feeds the fire and stretches up to the stars. bears the dust, the seeds, the steam. feel the endlessness of the body. the universal breath of life. part of a whole, part of the atmosphere. of the poisons around us, the smells of our neighbors, stale air, combustion. where dense relations dominate, single sided dictates are implausible, as is constant non-communication. do not hyperventilate, that only narrows the blood vessels in our head. breathe. just like that. feel the breath. breathe.