The Anthropocene Project. An Encyclopedia

Actually the Greek word for injury, but only used so simply in the realm of medicine. In psychology, it becomes more difficult to diagnose the injuries to the psyche. Essential here is violence that the individual is helplessly subjected to. But where does this start? At school, before a court, in prison, in a department store, at church? At the unemployment office, in a marital feud? Or only in case of a massacre, a drone attack, or a plane crash? Can this be recognized by way of algorithms, in a kind of “trauma-o-meter”? In light of the violence with which the human being has inscribed itself in nature, there’s also the question of how the ecological traumata of the Anthropocene can be healed. At least at the microlevel, laws can change the atmosphere, from international to national courts and constitutions, if enough evidence is available to substantiate such acts of violence to make them formulable and to punish them.