The Anthropocene Project. An Encyclopedia

“The remains of the tsunami that crashed over the Japanese coast in 2011 and obliterated the division, separating sea and land, consisted of salty sea water and a steaming mixture of cultivated farmland, livestock cadavers, the ruins of buildings, uprooted trees and cars without drivers, plastic, bits of metal, textiles, fertilizer, fats, pharmaceuticals, chemical pollutants, and released radionuclides. This mixture, that could be called ‘anthropocene mud,’ represents both the biophysical and the mental situation in which we find ourselves: it is the manifestation of our being-in-the-world as industrial beings, our total mixing with the earth landscape.”

In: Christoph Rosol, “Diagnose Anthropozän,” Das Anthropozän-Projekt: Zeitbeilage, Die Zeit, 47/2014.