The Anthropocene Project. An Encyclopedia

We replace limbs, organs, organ parts, in our bones and jaws and brains. Look at our hands, the pen as its extension and instruments like the typewriter. At the hearing aids and optical devices that make it possible to listen and to hear. Prostheses! For this, biochemistry slows or accelerates the decay of cells and living things, combining us with unknown materials, physics moves us more quickly, higher, further, and provides warmth. Who still speaks of cripples? The prosthesis has long become an essential part of us, and there is hardly anyone who could do without. While we are given resistance to pollen, mood-altering medications, breast implants, smart phones and computers, rivers and straits receive bridges, fish are given farms, seas military surveillance: let us add something and observe the new forms of the whole in its parts—if necessary with help of technology.