The Anthropocene Project. An Encyclopedia

Splurge, don’t be stingy. Live it up. Give away much too much of what we have. Full, hot baths and cold, full refrigerators, full tanks, luxury, being able to afford something. The costs can be considered irrelevant as long as we can afford it. All the self-confirmation and freedom behind it! The capitalist doctrine of liberation on a rampage through the world, somewhere between cheap airlines and magic stock exchange, devouring its own children. Excess. Total intoxication. The myth of gold-printed toilet paper on our rears. Glamour meets banality—but is there not a sacred force in this? An aesthetic of divine bestiality—indomitable, free, confident. Cosmic. Off-Limits. The need for unprofitable profligacy, getting wasted. Excess is beautiful. Why not squander in divine quantities and confidently ignore the expense?