Epidermic Reason

The Anthropocene Project. An Encyclopedia

The smell of summer meadows or cigarette smoke on your skin, that of perfume and deodorant on top of that. The city with its fumes in our lungs. Pollen permeates our respiratory system and our blood vessels. Cocaine and LSD too. Only differently. The other in us, through us. Which membrane separates reason from the senses? For an answer, we look to the largest organ we have, our skin. And look how it judiciously connects us with the outer world is. As a complement to the nitpickers of the natural sciences and the eternally categorizing philosophers: choose epidermic reason. A reason of touch, of feeling and intense experience. Thin skinned, thick skinned. We are inseparably linked to the outside world. Let us stop speaking of the world around us, and doing so separates us from life itself. Be reasonable. Breathe in and breathe out, deeply.