The Anthropocene Project. An Encyclopedia

The blue planet is becoming ever redder. At least on the images of the climate researchers. Color gradients visualize heat, degree by degree. Sensitive technologies measure the planet’s hot flashes. The air is warming, sea levels are rising. Red, they say. How many people are driven from their homes with each degree of red? How many animals and plants lose their habitats? Imminent danger. Mars is rising, red-coloured war planet. Let us measure so that we don’t lose control, immerse ourselves in colors to save words. How do we train our orientation when the sorting of information pushes to the foreground and the amount of material is almost crushing? Visualizations, computer processed, as the proof of the authenticity of a reality against black and white vision in grains and contrasts. Red, the color of danger, of Nazis, Communists, Coca-Cola, blood and sin. Red, the color of love, of passion, of shame. How far is our perspective colonized through routine, cultivated? And how do we wean ourselves our routine?