The Anthropocene Project. An Encyclopedia

A term used in physics to measure the disorder in a system. But is it possible to measure disorder, or states in general, without evaluating them? At least in sociology, the issue is raised what the appropriate order of things is. Defining ideals usually leads to critique; ask messy children or philosophers who deal with the subject. Let us take a look at physics: here, entropy is transported through warmth or changes with the absorption or release of warmth. Just like a box of chocolates and its kilocalories that the metabolism thus sets free. Looking outside the box, things become complex, even wicked, scarcely solvable, as usually when disorder comes into it. The state of things is in fact impossible to define entirely. Things change their states, dissolve and reform. Given the dimensions, consequences and contexts of the Anthropocene, a sheer impossibility. All models must remain inadequate. What a call! So how do we measure? How do we order, how do we represent? Is disorder a solution of thinking about states? Maybe this is about having the courage to think – disorderly, muddy, foggy, a deviate from what we are used to.