The Anthropocene Project. An Encyclopedia

Let’s talk about the weather! Do high levels of ozone or carbon dioxide concentration cause you to feel sick? The more the separation between nature and culture collapses, in light of weather being created by humanity and the environmental catastrophe, the more the question is posed whether the vocabulary of the climate researchers is sufficient to describe the weather. If the sun burns itself into the skin as cancer or a temperature increase of 4 degrees Celsius can mean genocide and the weather situation is gradually becoming a global trauma, it is perhaps vital to speak about it. Should we not try a more sensual language using physical perception and rational forgetting? Or would it be better to formulate a new materialism? To look at the sun and study our orientation? Do we keep our faith in progress and try to control weather by way of geo-engineering and geo-hacking? With weather reports as scenarios of doomsday in the framework of the Anthropocene, talk about the weather is no longer just pointless chatter, but can trigger controversies.