The Anthropocene Project. An Encyclopedia

The climate is suffering from hot flashes. Thermometers show rising temperatures around the planet, and we are all starting to sweat. Breathless, in poor spirits, with mood swings. From aggressive to sentimental and back again. The earth is in menopause: climacteric. Reproduction is just about to reach its end, or so it seems. Or once again before a incision in its time scale. Once the Ice Age, now the Microwave Age. There have always been periods of warming, only previously without any assistance of the human kind. Human progress has become a frenzied acceleration. A self-made dilemma. With increasing age, our resources deplenish, our ability to reproduce as well, that’s clear. Still, as usual, the attempt to talk about it requires a bit of tact. And when the time of the heat flashes pass—if they should ever stop—perhaps the thought of possible offspring lingers on. Perhaps.