Lectures and performances

#Commonings: Day 4

Sat, Sep 17, 2022
4 pm
Free admission
The Living Library by Maya El Zanaty, Mour Fall and collaborators at Bibliothèque Terme Sud, Ouakam, Dakar, February 2022

What could a school look like that seeks to make both learning and unlearning a common interrelated practice? How can a space be built around care, refuge, implication and vulnerability, negotiating positions and responsibilities?

How can (un)learners in this space challenge privileges and habits of hierarchy, as well as authorship, productivity and competition?
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4–5 pm
Altars to the Invisibles
Final Ritual in the Assembly, Hirschfeld Bar
With Laura Fiorio and Francisca Cortéz Ferrario, in cooperation with Ruth Gonzalez Renovato and Mariel Miranda
In English

Over the course of the first three days of Commonings, small rituals for sharing narratives of invisibility have been performed at this altar space in the Assembly. For the final ritual, participants are invited to a collective moment where there will be a closing ceremony and an opportunity for an encounter and contamination. This ceremony invites all those who contributed in the previous days or those who would like to continue to nourish a reciprocal listening.

5–6 pm
Imagining the Future
Conversation in the Assembly, Hirschfeld Bar
With 28 magazine (Mahmoud Al-Shaer) and Majd Kayyal
In English

In an attempt to construct and ask questions that envision the future and its possibilities, this conversation will reflect on the daily life and memories of Palestinians. In a forcibly fragmented Palestinian reality, where discourses and knowledges are fragmented, witnessing gaps in privileges and rights is common, as well as in expectations and paths towards building futures. How can cultural work become a refuge and open space for healing and solidarity, for imagining the future of Palestine?

6–7 pm
Light Archive
Guided meditation and conversation in the Assembly, Hirschfeld Bar
With Maya Varichon El-Zanaty

As people interested in changing the paradigm of time and as those who are aware of systemic violence, the endless accumulation of evidence is a primary source of anger, pain and trauma that is very alive in the body. This occurs individually and collectively, in an emotional and physical way, but also at a more subtle, etheric level.

In the form of a guided collective meditation, this protocol will use the art and sciences of energies to create a healing technology based on an archival process. Designed on the principles of self-healing and alchemical processes of transformation, participants will create an immaterial library conceived of as a medicine to cure the spectral wounds of traumatic memories trapped in people’s bodies. Tapping into ancestral knowledges from ancient Egypt, India, China and West Africa, a collective channeling process will take place to transmute the old energies carried by the spirit of modernity into a powerful creative fire.

7–8 pm
Dëpp - Guissguiss yu wuté (Inversion - Reverse glances)
Performance at the Outside Pond at Sunset
With Mour Fall

Those rituals are inscribed into the relation that the human cultivates with Nature and forces that apply on it, it is a gate between the visible and the invisible, a breach that is opening in Time.

Drawing inspiration from “Ndëpp” healing practice, an individual and collective ritual specific to the Lebou culture and the Wolof people, Mour Fall will offer a performance building on the non-verbal modes of communication and the means of historical-cultural transmission specific to Senegalese and African culture. The intention is to invite visitors to reverse the gaze, to imagine the situation backwards, and to act it out to feel it in one’s body.

By invoking rhythms, onomatopoeia and sonorities, he will stage an act of collective healing, drawing on the mystique of ritual to repair social, intimate and inter-cultural relations.

From 9 pm
Jam Session
Migro, Ergo Sum Performance
with Marinho Pina, Sérgio Carlitos Pereira, Susana Ferreira, David Shongo and the participants of the Migro, Ergo Sum Workshop

A jam session is a communicating activity: one needs to listen to others so that each person can express themselves in their own way and later, in harmony. As the Migro Ergo Sum workshop is about how to talk and listen each other, there's no better way to put it into practice than in a jam session. This session is not only about music, but other forms of storytelling and is open to others who didn't participate in the workshops. More information here

From 10 pm
Alibeta and Band Performance
Concert in the Assembly, Hirschfeld Bar
With Alibeta and the Band

From 12 midnight
Restaurant Weltwirtschaft
DJ Wallizz (Freak de l’Afrique)

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