The Anthropocene Project. An Encyclopedia

Neo-ecologists see in the technological conditions of today a new “natural state,” a milieu created by people and machines that has replaced virgin nature as the habitat of the human being. When the human combines with other living and mineral and technological agents and the lines separating technology and life become unclear, our thinking and acting also enter a new cycle. Neo-ecology no longer knows subjects nor objects, but only actors: everything is linked to everything else. What means then remain for policymaking, critique, and change? Technology as humanity’s new nature is indeed human-made, but not always graspable for humanity: instead, the human being in combination with the data industries is measured, surveyed, and sometimes controlled. It is the question of the political possibilities in this new communality between human being and technology that is discussed in a critical ecology—between human being and machine, rapidly growing urbanization, species extinction, and climate change.