The Anthropocene Project. An Encyclopedia

Atlas bears the arch of heavens on his shoulders; beneath him research and science explore the terrain. The surveying of the world. Along with the sun, science moved to the center of thought with the Copernican turn. Soon divided into disciplines, soon bursting with diversity. A veritable Babel. Until recently the earth itself became the measure of all things again. Now science and research survey the Anthropocene and thus themselves as well. In the meantime, the whole thing sways on its foundations, the material whirls about, incredibly fine material, like garish energy and dark matter. The fashion of the measure? The entire planet, covered in plastic foil six times over, the U.S. covered in aluminum foil. Every square meter of the globe covered in concrete. Six billion people. Seven. Eight. Everything out of balance. The sense of proportion is lacking. Distinct measures as well. World wide legal agreements, global justice, force sustainability and balance, at best abolish capitalism. And Atlas? He shruggs.