The Anthropocene Project. An Encyclopedia

The rhythm of machines, day and night, in the steel plants of Hyundai or the Ruhr Region. The sound of progress, from hand ax to steel hammers and drones of our day. All machines, initially seen with worry. The work of the devil! No, a pacemaker! Tools and means on the way to progress, to solving problems, to occupy us in our free time or to create free time in the first place. Let us automatize the banal, the strenuous, and the insoluble on the assembly line. Let us research and expand our human capacities. No limits are sets. A life without machines? Impossible! Let us praise the washing machine, the automobile, magnetic resonance tomography, the smart phone, the personal computer, and the pacemaker. Let us ignore the war machines, so that the heart doesn’t stop. Let us follow the beats of the large and small machines that provide impulses for movement and feeling, the small cyborgs that we have all become. Inhuman-human, intermediate beings with an ear and a talent for new songs. Praise the machines that we have taken into our hearts.