Tinariwen, © Marie Planeille
Tulpan, © Promo

Jul 15–Aug 6, 2011

Wassermusik: Desert

Summer Open-Air Festival

Summer Open-Air Festival: Concerts, Films, Talks

Jul 15–Aug 6, 2011

Open-Air: Concerts and films on the roof terrace
Waterproof – in case of rain in the exhibition hall

In 2011, the Wassermusik festival is dedicated to the deserts. From the Thar in India to the Taklamakan and Gobi deserts in Asia, from the Sahara and the Kalahari in Africa and finally to the Sonora desert in the US and Mexico – the focus is on places characterized by their lack of water.

At first glance, it may seem absurd to concentrate on the desert at a festival that revolves around water. A closer look reveals that it is, in fact, only right. For where else does water – or the lack of it – play a more important role than in the deserts of this world? Wassermusik 2011 is dedicated to the desert, both as a real place and as an imagined place – with concerts, discussions and films. And with stars such as Khaled, Tinariwen, Giant Sand, Amadou & Mariam and new musical discoveries.