Nov 30–Dec 4, 2011

Worldtronics 2011

Electronica Surprise

Concerts, DJ sets, Electronic Trade Fair

The future of electronic music always takes place in the here and now. The latest and most radical developments determine the sub-genres of tomorrow. Yet the new cannot make do without the old. The styles and technologies of yesteryear are cited in the present and stimulate the development of new genres. With the result, sometimes, that the new – while sounding fresh and unheard of – can have a strangely familiar ring to it.

Over four festival evenings, Worldtronics 2011 presents a cross-section of the Scandinavian Skweee scene and an overview of the distantly related 8-bit music , contrasted with representatives of the latest developments from Ghana and Colombia . The program is rounded off with the Electro Trade Fair and the conference Postcolonial Piracy , which explores global cultural practices of “piracy” and deals with them in the context of aesthetics, originality and authorship.