Through the Words of Others

With Nina Akhvlediani and an introduction by Olaf Nicolai

Sat, Mar 26, 2022
Tiny desk sessions (lobby)
5 pm
Free admission

In English

FFP2 masks and 3G are required for this event. More information

Nina Akhvlediani will present archives of artists and poets who have opted for self-historicization, collecting and archiving documents, whether about their own work or of broader avant-garde movements of Tbilisi. She will refer to, among others, the poet, publisher, collector and researcher Ioseb Grishashvili. His vast collection includes the futurist publications of the H2SO4 group and the literary journals of the Georgian women poets from the 1920s. The documents brought together in this session present a plurality of subjectivities and micro-narratives that reconceive archives as productive encounters.

Concept: Nina Akhvlediani, Olaf Nicolai