Presentations & Discussion


Sat, Nov 15, 2014
11 am–2 pm
Free admission

in English

“Material flow analyses and ecological footprint accounts constitute nature as another form of value: a resource; a consumer good; a risk. What are the consequences of such tools? Is planetary control the most promising goal to pursue or do we need to think about other forms of social-natural interaction?”
Sabine Höhler, science historian

“Connecting” sounds out the correlations between environmental conditions, society, and technological development.

The three case studies of the cluster Connecting were summarized in a joint discussion.

Anthropocene Campus, ©Sera Cakal


How does the blurring of distinctions, between Earth processes and human history in the Anthropocene, affect our approach to disciplinary knowledge?
Presented by Bronislaw Szerszynski

Anthropocene Campus, ©Sera Cakal

Valuing Nature

Can and should we rely on accounting tools such as “carbon-offset”-schemes to balance the human-nature relationship in the Anthropocene?
Presented by Sabine Höhler and Ioan Negrutiu

Anthropocene Campus, ©Sera Cakal

Technosphere / Co-Evolution

How does the emergence a technosphere affect our relation to material, cognitive and social dimensions of knowledge?
Presented by Jürgen Renn and Manfred Laubichler