Image: Koki Tanaka
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Oct 14–16, 2022

Where is the Planetary?

A Gathering | In Collaboration with Koki Tanaka

Practices and Conversations

In English

Oct 14–16, 2022

Free admission

How could collaboration maintain a habitable planet?

What concepts of the world underlie political and social approaches to a transforming Earth system? How can a variety of worldviews be transformed into shared planetary-scale practices that could address the current challenges?

Where is the Planetary? is a collective search for models of living together on Earth. Following five central questions, researchers, artists, and activists seek ways to transform the multitude of perspectives and cosmologies into a common agency.

What are the conditions for habitability?
How can habilitability be measured?
What planetary damage can be repaired?
Who gets to decide what actions are taken?
How do we tell planetary stories?

Artist Koki Tanaka has designed five experimental settings for these questions. Over the course of three days, the HKW will turn into a rehearsal room for planetary praxis. An integral part of Tanaka’s settings is the presence of film cameras. In collaboration with the film collective TINT, the artist continuously disrupts the supposed self-evident nature of routines and directs the (camera’s) gaze toward the particular gestures of togetherness. Against this background, participants collaborate to develop perspectives and practices that take into account not only the systemic processes of Earth but also the cosmological preconditions of its inhabitants. This does not imply striving for a new universalism, but rather calls for the courage to imagine a composite of different, even divergent, ways of world-making. Where is the Planetary? asks anew the old question of “How do we live together?” and opposes reductive anthropological models with a decentered and plural approach of “being human as praxis” (Sylvia Wynter).

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