The Student Manifesto

The demands of the students

1. Respect!
No discrimination. We demand that schools do not discriminate. Every person is equal and has a right to education.

International learning. We wish to learn and cooperate with students from other countries so that we get to know different cultures up close.

Learning partnership. We want to be respected by teachers and not treated unfairly, because we have a right to equal treatment.

2. Academic performance of our choice!
No pressure to perform. We demand that the pressure to perform be lessened. Many students are afraid of tests, exams or presentations, yet we want to enjoy learning.

Electives. We want to be able to choose from several different subjects. We’d like new subjects like Logic, Tax Returns or First Aid.

3. Hygiene is good!
We demand clean restrooms. Many school restrooms are so filthy that only a few students can bear to use them.

4. Practical is better!
We demand more practical lessons. We want to learn how things really are, not how they theoretically should be.

5. Comfortable schools!
Smaller classes. We want a smaller class community of ten to 18 students so that the teachers can better address the individual students.

Beautiful classrooms. We want beautiful, large, modern rooms with bright windows, so we do not have to sit in such small rooms.

Digitization. We want digital books. Many books are too thick and heavy. We want smartboards in every classroom because they are more practical and offer more possibilities than blackboards. However, we also need teachers who are familiar with technology.

Lockers. We demand a locker for each student so we don’t have to carry all our school things around every day.

Climate. We need air conditioners in our rooms because it gets too hot in the classrooms in the summer and we can’t concentrate.

Security. We need more security in our schools to prevent them from being broken into so often and things getting broken.

6. Healthy nutrition!
We want water dispensers with fresh water and healthy organic food at school. Because of the bad food, many students don’t eat at school and then are unable to concentrate in class. We also want to have a say in the menu so that the meals are more varied.

7. More nature at school!
School garden. We need a school garden in every school with a separate patch for every class where we can grow fruit and vegetables that can then be used for school meals.

Outdoor lessons. We need more lessons outdoors in the fresh air. This makes lessons more varied and helps students concentrate.

8. Fitness is essential!
We demand that lessons begin later. If we didn’t have to go to school so early, students and teachers wouldn’t always come to class feeling so tired and would be able to concentrate better.

9. Sports for all!
More exercise. We want more physical education and exercise in school. Most days we only sit in the classroom, so sports would not be a bad idea.

New sports. We want new, diversified and fun sports: a Quidditch Club, for example.