Grayson Play-Lab, Photo: Brandon Clifford. Image courtesy of Matter Design

Dear Future,

What tools do schools need to offer so that students can understand, categorize and actively shape issues such as climate justice, migration society, anti-racism and digitalization? Young people need new skills for the future; skills that aren’t given sufficient attention in today’s school system. How can this knowledge be taught along with the ability to act and to shape the future?

Dear Future, presents the results of twelve school projects held during the exceptional school year 2020/2021 in an interactive stage program and explores the educational issues of the future in performances and audience discussions with educational practitioners, artists and activists.

With Josephine Apraku, bildungsLab*, Das macht Schule, Die Zukunftsbauer, Silvia Fehrmann, Benjamin Förster-Baldenius, Max Fuchs, Saraya Gomis, Asuka Kähler, Tanasgol Sabbagh, Gülay Teke, Jamila Tressel, Maximilian Waldmann, the participants in the school projects and many others