Future Storytelling, © CATK, Berlin
Future Storytelling, Winners from left to right: Eirik Høyer Leivestad /Bård Hobæk (3rd Prize), Gabriel S. Moses (1st Prize), Linda Havenstein (2nd Prize), Photo: Sera Cakal

Feb 18–Oct 19, 2014

Future Storytelling

Finalists and Winners

Media Competition


The media competition Future Storytelling challenges prospective journalists, media designers, directors, and media-savvy young adults to examine and explore the Anthropocene hypothesis in digital forms of narration.

What kinds of crossmedial stories can be told about the Anthropocene, the era during which humanity itself has become a geological force? The media competition Future Storytelling encourages film and media makers as well as designers and artists to develop new stories based on the theory of the Anthropocene using a variety of online media.

The ninety entries examine the changes humans have made to the Earth. Of these, twelve project ideas were selected, and these finalists were advised by mentors over a period of three months. Some of their projects are fictional, whereas others are based on research, data, and facts. Their works were realized using apps, social media, augmented reality, and other digital narrative strategies.

A high-profile jury selected the three best finished works, which were awarded prizes on October 19, 2014.

1st Place, awarded with 3,000 Euros: Graphic novelist Gabriel S. Moses (Berlin/Tel Aviv) for his Graphic-Novel-App en|H@NCEMenT

2nd Place, awarded with 2,000 Euros: Media artist Linda Havenstein (Berlin) for her interactive web project Ariha on the Move

3rd Place, awarded with 1,000 Euros: author Eirik Høyer Leivestad and research assistant at the Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture Bård Hobæk (Oslo): Augmented Commodity Fetishism

The projects will be presented in the Resource Area at the HKW during The Anthropocene Project. A Report and online.

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