1st Prize: en|H@NCEMenT

Gabriel S Moses

en|H@NCEMenT | waking up the adolescent sleeper cell, © Gabriel S Moses

en|H@NCEMenT is a suggestion for a 21st century augmented graphic novel which unfolds two related stories intertwined. One is the fragmented narrative of a future monocultural era, where an excessive misuse of social media leads the youth to a new form of ultra-violent absent mindedness, gradually affecting the earth's core. The second story follows the life of a fictitious contemporary philosopher and his alarmist writings on the approaching end of the Anthropocene. The graphic novel is programmed as a tablet app in which various media fragments such as text, illustration, sound and animation are constructed as separate cells via an index in the shape of a DNA chromosome. This allows the reader to travel from cell to cell in random order and, thus, to explore the storyline individually while tapping into the disturbed thought patterns of its protagonists.

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In the words of the jury, “Gabriel S. Moses’s graphic novel app has all of the elements of a well-told story. At the center of Moses’s tale of a dystopian society in which a suburban middle-class that has spread throughout the entire world are an eerie anti-heroine, skillfully-animated manga illustrations, and exciting dramaturgy. At the same time, his work provides an exceptionally entertaining illustration of how mental processes and events on Earth are connected in the Anthropocene.”

Gabriel S. Moses is a graphic novelist, designer and academic in the field of sequential art. His graphic novels Spunk and Subz were published by Archiv der Jugendkulturen. He also frequently talks and exhibits in Tel Aviv and Berlin.