The Anthropocene Project. An Encyclopedia

Something settles, is left behind, is deposited. On bodies, surfaces, vessel walls, inside, outside, something becomes a sediment. A graspable memory, like a nasty comment buzzing through the air, destroying an evening, establishing facts. Materials too, can deposit from the atmosphere and then again evaporate. Others remain, and are then subject to the wear of time. Deposition, disposition: a new position on leaves, the ground, bank accounts, books. In the archeosphere, up to around 30 meters beneath the earth surface, remains of human activity across the centuries, incrementally materialize. From clay shards to plastic cups and land mines. Accumulating plastic, accumulating pollutants. Social and material living conditions sacrificed in the name of progress, by neglect or inspite of best intentions. That brings us to the monetary aspect of deposit – a way of paying someone, of safekeeping or a pledge. What about all the debts, interest, and ruins in finance, in politics, and their ties to the everyday life of everyone of us (and the remaining resources)?