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    Contributors: Zeina Hanna

    Zeina Hanna works in the performing arts. Her choreographic body of work includes Never live twice

    Contributors: Christine De Smedt’s

    Christine De Smedt’s artistic work is situated between dance, performance, choreography

    Contributors: Nahed Mansour

    at the Berlin University of the Arts. Her artistic practice diverges between performance, video art

    Miriam Stoney

    practice is primarily textual, encompassing art writing, performance, audio and installation. She will

    Simon(e) Jaikiriuma Paetau

    , video installations and performance, dealing with queer decoloniality. Paetau studied Media Art at the

    Alioune Badara Samb

    Beaux Arts in his native Dakar. Samb's genre is diversity - from painting to installation, design to

    Kostas Tzimoulis

    the performance group Nova Melancholia and a founding member of EIGHT, a critical institute for arts

    Mour Fall

    performance, installation, photography, video and graphic arts. His work attempts to heal wounds by putting

    architecture, performance, sound, animation, design and visual arts, students teamed up with artists and architecture, performance, sound, animation, design and visual arts, students teamed up with artists and

    Contributors: Andreea S. Micu

    , an occasional performance practitioner and a teacher. Her research examines the intersection of

    Contributors: Nicoline van Harskamp

    communication in relation to ideology and solidarity through video, installation, and scripted performance. She

    Contributors: Elke Krasny

    Elke Krasny is professor for art and education at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. She is a

    Contributors: Anurima Banerji

    Anurima Banerji is Associate Professor in the Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance at the

    Contributors: Nezaket Ekici

    Nezaket Ekici is a trained performance artist who graduated from Marina Abramović’s master class

    Contributors: Tina Escarlatina

    Tina Escarlatina aka Paulo Scharlach studied Visual Arts researching fragmented narratives studies

    Contributors: Bronislaw Szerszynski

    social and natural sciences, arts and humanities in order to situate the changing relationship between

    Pallavi Paul

    Pallavi Paul works with video, performance and installation. Her practice speaks to poetic

    Kelly Krugman

    hold a degree from Amherst College where their focus was on Comparative Literature, Fine Arts and

    Megan Hoetger

    Megan Hoetger is a historian and curator. She holds a PhD in Performance Studies from the

    Contributors: Susan Kelly

    , Project Arts Centre, Dublin, and Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven among others. She attended residencies in

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