Workshop for kids, families and adults

360° Refuge and Utopia – What is a Good Place to Arrive?

Sun, Nov 6, 2022
2–5 pm

In German

10 and up

© Maria Vittoria Trovato

How do refugee stories fit into a miniature world? In the workshop, narratives of arrival are translated into an animated image that participants immerse themselves in using virtual reality glasses. Selected film interviews from the Archive of Refuge are the starting point.

What are the causes of migration and how do people, buildings or feelings influence one’s arrival? Self-made miniatures illustrate the idea of a good place for arrival. A 360° photo captures this and allows participants to enter the utopia. Links, videos and information panels complement the space, which encourages viewers to reflect and ask questions.

With Antonia Welch Guerra and Daria Ivasenko (mediale pfade)