Practices and Discussions | Day 3

Where is the Planetary?

Sun, Oct 16, 2022
12 noon–6 pm
Free admission

In English

This event will be filmed.

© Koki Tanaka

Day 3 is dedicated to the search for coordinates, overlaps, convergences and tensions that arise when myriad cosmologies converge around a common intent. In one reading and four rounds of conversation, participants start from their collaboratively developed models from the previous day, engaging in discussions focused on the importance of social principles for planetary practice and its potential to incorporate conditions of difference. They will also touch upon the notion of collective responsibility, pulling from the participants’ Research Notes [PDF 14 MB].

12 noon–1 pm
How do we tell planetary stories?
Stories Review & Collaborative (post) Scriptwriting Workshop
Moderated by continent. (Jamie Allen, Paul Boshears, Nina Jäger, Lital Khaikin, Anna-Luisa Lorenz)
With Ravi Agarwal, Myung-Ae Choi, John Kim, Margarida Mendes, Claire Pentecost, Fernando Silva e Silva, Rebecca Snedeker, Nikiwe Solomon

In a process attempting to compose and collect a fragmented (post)script between Friday and Sunday, the experimental publishing collective continent. and friends describe a tentative, delayed and stuttered collaborative process of storytelling, narrative-making, retracing and recomposing. Through connected and disconnected fragments, soft scenarios and slow (post)script elements that emerged through the conversations, encounters and trajectories between the space, place and people of the Where is the Planetary? event, they ask how and if we can recount narratives about planetary existence. That is, how do we tell planetary stories?

From 2 pm
Planetary Compositions

One finds the planetary in manifold compositions – in different cohorts, from different perspectives and different scales, addressing different concerns. This is certainly both an asset and a liability for any type of planetary collaboration. On this last day of Where is the Planetary?, participants split into new groups to discuss their individual approaches to planetary concerns while reflecting on the collaborative exercises from the previous days. In four discussions, the participants will produce new questions that incite different approaches to and new opportunities for collaboration.

2 pm
With Maria Chehonadskih, Shadreck Chirikure, Francine McCarthy, Claire Pentecost, Mi You
Moderated by Adania Shibli

3 pm
With Ravi Agarwal, Orit Halpern, Valentina Karga, Jahnavi Phalkey
Moderated by Nishant Shah

4 pm
With Myung-Ae Choi, John Kim, Fernando Silva e Silva, Simon Turner
Moderated by Patricia Reed

5 pm
With Mohammad Al Attar, Margarida Mendes, Rebecca Snedeker, Nikiwe Solomon
Moderated by Mark Williams

Where is the Planetary?

Where is the Planetary?

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