Performance, concert

The Schredder

With Mobile Academy Berlin and Markus Öhrn with Death, Destruction & Dodos

Sat, Mar 26, 2022
Roof Terrace, Auditorium
8 pm
Free admission

In English and German

FFP2 masks and 3G are required for this event. More information

© Mobile Akademie Berlin

It rattles, it crushes, it smacks. The shredder is a gut with teeth that disposes of the archives: incorporation, metabolization, transition. The shredder offers a public exercise of loss that infects all the archive’s holdings and discourses. The people of Berlin are leading the way, bringing their memorabilia to HKW and handing them over to the shredder in a collective ceremony. We gather for a public lament and celebrate a non-object-based culture of memory. The public lament will be staged with the contemporary form of European requiem: black metal. Afterwards, the shredder will reach its final destination in the Lustgarten between Altes Museum and Humboldt Forum.

Concept: Hannah Hurtzig and Marian Kaiser
Stage: Florian Stirnemann
Ceremony: Markus Öhrn with Death, Destruction & Dodos
Shredder Team: Anton Andersson, Alice Chauchat, Christian Fritzenwanker, Michael Horn, Tina Pfurr, Emma Rosa Simon

Shredderers (a.o.): Jahmila and Alisha Bronnert, high-school graduates; Monir Elhelwe, school student; Susanne Kahl, pensioner; Brigitte Kramer, pensioner; Simon Roloff, media theorist; Promona Sengupta, academic and activist; David Shongo, composer and artist; Cedrick Tshimbalanga, entrepreneur; Hendrik Quast, performance artist; Christina Wessely, cultural scientist