Anthemis: Methods, Process

With Hypercomf, Geli Mademli and Jacob Moe

Sat, Mar 26, 2022
Tiny desk sessions (lobby)
12.30 pm
Free admission

In English

FFP2 masks and 3G are required for this event. More information

Archipelago Network (AN) is an open access digital archive and research-based residency program dedicated to audiovisual heritage on the Cyclades of Greece. In the framework of its 2021–22 pilot project Anthemis, AN has invited the artist duo Hypercomf to visit the island of Syros and to produce a digital herbarium based on archival materials sourced from personal collections of local botanists as well as the on-site collection of additional audiovisual material and meteorological data through a customized, portable toolkit. This talk presents the project’s methodology, process and resulting online archive.

Concept: Geli Mademli, Jacob Moe