Interactive presentations

Dear Future, what school do you need?

Thu, Nov 18, 2021
3 pm
Free admission, with entry ticket
At this time, the 2G Rule (vaccinated-recovered) applies for this event. More about Covid-19 admission regulations

Please bring a WiFi-enabled smartphone or tablet to the event. A limited number of devices are available on site.
School Project at Johanna-Eck-Schule, 2021, Photo: Laura Fiorio

In search of the school of the future: In early 2020, students began developing visions for sustainable learning as part of Schools of Tomorrow 3. After the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, their artistic research was confronted with new challenges: Concepts were converted to the digital sphere; ideas were shared through open classroom windows. The results were sound compositions, films, performances and games that visualize futures and aspirations for school and life after school.

With Dear Future, the participating artists and students present their utopias – based on the exceptional situation – for a democratic, self-determined and sustainable today and tomorrow. Dramaturge Cornelius Puschke (from Rimini Protokoll, etc.) choreographs the interactive show. The audience is invited to immerse themselves in the projects and to carry on concocting the ideas together.