Law and Border Regimes

Sat, Oct 2, 2021
HKW Auditorium & livestream
4 pm
Free admission, with entry ticket
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Simultaneous translation German, English
Photo: Sebastian Bolesch, 2013

In a phase of globalization in which our mutual interconnectedness and existential dependencies have become obvious, regressions into the national and the significance of borders are also intensifying. Wars, persecution, pandemics and the economic destruction of living environments continue to displace people from their regions of origin.

In this panel, cultural anthropologist Bernd Kasparek, legal scholar Zeynep Kıvılcım, human geographer Silja Klepp, social scientist Karl Kopp from the head office of Pro Asyl and First Mate Anna-Katharina Schiller (virtual), who is now on board the Ocean Viking for SOS Mediterranee, ask about political and social instruments that could shape flight and migration more humanely and in solidarity. How do mechanisms and structures of repression and discrimination repeat themselves through certain methods of recognition and “integration” in this country? What hierarchies classify, racialize and stigmatize people? What are legal rights are associated with migration? Can borders be democratized? Is a change of perspective possible in the 21st century?

Moderated by Manuela Bojadžijev

Followed by a Q&A