#Survivance: Workshop

Thu, Jul 8, 2021
11 am–2 pm
Free of charge, with registration
In English

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Thursday, July 8

10am–1pm WEST (Porto) / 11am–2pm CEST (Berlin)
Online workshop, with registration
Off-Road Metaphors: A Holographic Experiment
With mordo (Aline Baiana, Camila de Caux, Eric Macedo)

How can metaphors work as a way to resist the troubled times we live in? As sci-fi author Ursula Le Guin’s Gethenians would say, "To oppose something is to maintain it. (…) You must go somewhere else; you must have another goal; then you walk a different road.” This workshop is a speculative experiment on the creation of metaphors. Mobilizing anthropologist Roy Wagner’s semiotics and Le Guin’s works of fiction, the workshop conveners propose a dynamics of invention, jumping out of conventional meaning as a way to reach different roads for making sense. Participants are invited to bring images, concepts and small objects that they think may conjure “Survivance” practices. Collectively they will unfold the inward and outward meanings of these elements, tracing connections and thinking how they can compose new and unexpected metaphors. Tying them in a network of wooden sticks, a holographic structure will be built that will allow to reclaim metaphor as mythmaking, telling stories of survival and resistance in the times of the Anthropocene.

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5