Online program: Workshop

#Survivance: Workshop

Tue, Jul 6, 2021
11 am–2 pm
Free of charge, with registration
In English

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Tuesday, July 6

10am–1pm WEST (Porto) / 11am–2pm CEST (Berlin)
Online workshop, with registration
Kal Ki Bu Luta? (What is Your Struggle?)
with Filipa César, Marinho de Pina
Guests: Sergio Pereira, Vadinho da Costa

"Our” existence, is always under threat, especially when certain powers beyond “us” determine that what “we” are is wrong, that “our” culture needs to be changed, optimized or corrected in the name of a dominant way of life. This workshop puts the words “us / ours” into conflict, because our conditions are multiple, as are our struggles. This workshop was preceded by a gathering of activists in Guinea-Bissau in September 2020. What brought that #Survivance workshop together were the different struggles of various associations and groups in Guinea Bissau, which, in their practices, transform individual resilience into a resistant, creative and collective force. Departing from the different urgencies of the participating groups – Onshore Mediatheque, GTO – Bissau, Coletivo Cadjigue, Clube Amor à Leitura, Cassaca 64 Movement and the PDH – HSH Association of Activism for LGBTQ+ rights –, participants will imagine spaces of joint existence, where environmental justice and social, cultural, and gendered experiences enable all of us to transcend any mere, isolated, individual existence.

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5