Screening sessions, presentation, artist talks

A Trace, a Breath

With Babak Afrassiabi & Nasrin Tabatabai, Katrin Hornek, moderated by Margarida Mendes

Thu, Oct 29, 2020
Live stream and HKW lobby
9 pm
Free admission, on-site with free admission ticket
In English

Taking a cue from the more emergent properties of the Anthropocene, these two artist talks focus on making durational processes of accumulation sensible. The talks conclude with a discussion led by artist and researcher Margarida Mendes.

9 pm
Labour Lung
Babak Afrassiabi & Nasrin Tabatabai

Artists Babak Afrassiabi and Nasrin Tabatabai present their most recent work, Labour Lung, which uses a generative audio piece to depict the deleterious effects of smoking opium on the lungs and to explore how the corporeal effects of opium relate to colonialist and capitalist extraction.

9.30 pm
A Landmass to Come
Katrin Hornek

Artist Katrin Hornek discusses her work A Landmass to Come, which employs literal earth to convey a speculative tale of the geological landscape of Latvia and the industries that have flourished thanks to it.

Moderated by Margarida Mendes