Video: Lectures, discussion


With Tania Bruguera, Chantal Mouffe, Saskia Sassen, Richard Sennett and others, moderated by Juliana Rabelo

Fri, Dec 10, 2021
Fri, Dec 10, 2021
7 pm
In English and Spanish

Free of charge
Photo: Juan Pablo Estrada, 2013

People as relational beings always and already find themselves part of various communities. But what actually constitutes community and its continuum when social life is pre-determined by political ideology, technological surveillance and state education? How can continuous care and resistance be a communal or even collective practice? How do communities achieve alterity and reciprocity while allowing for antagonisms? For this edition of the New Alphabet School, HKW collaborates with the Institute of Artivism Hannah Arendt in Havana, Cuba. In a joint effort to bring together artists, activists, researchers and the general public for an online discussion, this edition will reflect on how self-organized communities and public discourse are constituted and how they might develop practices of peaceful resistance. How can communities stand up for guaranteed rights despite a reality in which these are constantly violated?

Tania Bruguera gives a talk on Art as Activism, followed by Chantal Mouffe with a lecture on Agonistic Public Spaces and Artistic Practices and Saskia Sassen on Cutting Across Knowledge-Silos. Finally, Richard Sennett talks about Stage and State leading to the discussion amongst all four on art and politics moderated by Juliana Rabelo.

Curated in collaboration with Juliana Rabelo, Tania Bruguera and Camila Ramírez Lobón

Spanish version