Hermann-Ehlers-Gymnasium with Franziska Pierwoss and Siska

Hermann-Ehlers-Gymnasium , © Laura Fiorio

What if there was a new common language in the future that all students learned in school? A connecting, “free” language? What would it sound like? And look like? The artists Franziska Pierwoss and Siska develop ideas for the language of tomorrow with an 11th grade class at the Hermann-Ehlers-Gymnasium in Berlin-Steglitz. They create their own vocabulary inspired by their first and second languages, current colloquial language and the French yout language Verlan. With professional graphic designers, they explore the relationship between typefaces and meaning. Experiments and games address the political and social dimension of words: What languages are spoken at home, in the school yard and on Instagram that teachers don’t understand? How do words affect thinking? What language does the city speak?

Hermann-Ehlers-Gymnasium in the district of Steglitz-Zehlendorf (Steglitz) focuses on theater/film, social sciences or natural sciences. With Kristin Reinhardt (Kulturagenten für Kreative Schulen)