Law Shifters

Fritz-Karsen-Schule with Bilal Alkatout, Stine Marie Jacobsen and Nastaran Tajeri-Foumani

Fritz-Karsen-Schule, © Laura Fiorio

Do current laws reflect young people’s sense of justice? How would they make laws if they were allowed? Tenth graders from the Fritz-Karsen-Schule in Berlin-Britz selected the topics of racism, hate speech, freedom of speech and expression for their project week. With the artist Stine Marie Jacobsen, the students explore current case law: Without the hurdle of legal terminology, they pass their own judgment in a reenactment of a court hearing and write their own laws, accompanied by the lawyer Bilal Alkatout and the social worker Nastaran Tajeri-Foumani. Representatives of Jugendliche ohne Grenzen (Young People Without Borders) and the Landesjugendring Berlin offer insights into political interest groups. Law Shifters invites young people to reflect on their ethical positions, train their debating skills and develop their sense of justice. The project has been running since 2016 in cities such as Copenhagen, London and Strasbourg.

Fritz-Karsen-Schule is a comprehensive school in Berlin’s district of Neukölln (Britz). With class 10.1, their teacher Robert Piasek and Michaela Schlagenwerth (Kulturagenten für Kreative Schulen)