Prinzessinnengärten, Berlin-Kreuzberg 2012, Photo: Marco Clausen / Prinzessinnengarten

Berlin Mondiale: My Garden Is Your Garden

Haus Leo residents and HKW staff create an urban food garden

“My House Is Your House.” In Latin America, guests are welcomed with the saying “Mi casa es tu casa.” The refugee shelter Haus Leo and HKW took this as their motto when they opened their doors to each other in fall 2014.

In spring 2015, refugee families and HKW employees are planting a food garden. The families themselves decide what to grow – for example, vegetable varieties that are important in their home countries of Syria, Chechnya, Somalia, Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan. In this way, fallow ground will give rise to a garden for current and future residents and neighbors. The project partners include Prinzessinnengärten (“Princess Gardens”), who contributed to the 2011 project “Über Lebenskunst” and now till HKW’s roof terrace and east garden.

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BERLIN MONDIALE is a project of the Rat für die Künste Berlin in cooperation with the Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln e.V. With advisory support by the Flüchtlingsrat Berlin e.V.
Sponsored within the Berliner Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung.
Haus Leo, Wohnen für Flüchtlinge is a project of the Berliner Stadtmission. Partner for “My Garden Is Your Garden” are the Prinzessinnengärten.