Rakman Ahmeti at Bauklempnerei & Dachdeckerei Ronny Emmerich, © Marily Stroux
Serbast Adil Rajab (left) and Amanuel Youssefi, © Marily Stroux
Hamidullah Ehrari at the achitecture agency Sauerbruch Hutton, © Marily Stroux
Haydari Dawood (left) at the carpet cleaning and restauration company Galerie Shiras, © Marily Stroux
Farhad Ramazanali, © Marily Stroux
Abd Alhadi Aldebs (left) and Shan Rahimkhan, © Marily Stroux
Genet Wedekidan at Cocoon Hairshop, © Marily Stroux
Waed Khalaili at the Komische Oper, © Marily Stroux
Negin Bandari Paslar at David Chipperfield Architects, © Marily Stroux
Mohammad Yari (left) and Helen Ferguson, © Marily Stroux
Bassam Al Nounou with HKW's Technical Crew, © Marily Stroux
Seyede Kokab Saadat at the hairdresser's shop Lohengrin, © Marily Stroux
Asieh Parhizkar at the doctor's office Dr. Frank Labschies, © Marily Stroux
Hossein Khalaj im Radiologiezentrum am Kurfürstendamm 196, © Marily Stroux
Ubah Omer Dhure at Abion Hotel Berlin, © Marily Stroux

Berlin Mondiale: Haus Leo – Professions

A photography project by Marily Stroux with Haus Leo residents

“My House Is Your House.” In Latin America, guests are welcomed with the saying “Mi casa es tu casa.” The refugee shelter Haus Leo and HKW took this as their motto when they opened their doors to each other in fall 2014.

In spring 2015 Marily Stroux photographed Haus Leo residents at workplaces that correspond to the professions they trained for or have practiced. The aim of this project is to make visible the work biographies that refugees bring with them to Germany. Their occupations range from radiologist to architect, from qualified carpet specialist to translator. The portraits are on exhibit at HKW beginning March 30, 2015. Interviews with the participating refugees complement the exhibition.

Photo journalist Marily Stroux sees her projects, such as the 2014 “Lampedusa in Hamburg Professions,” as a counter-program to the employment ban refugees are subject to. The work of the Greek-born Hamburg resident has been published in newspapers and magazines including die taz, The New York Times, and Der Spiegel.

We wish to thank
Hamidullah Ehrari, Serbast Adil Rajab, Rakman Ahmeti, Abd Alhadi Aldebs, Bassam Al Nounou, Ameron Hotel Abion Spreebogen Berlin, Negin Bandari Paslar, Cocoon Hairshop, David Chipperfield Architects, Haydari Dawood, Ubah Omer Dhure, Hamidullah Ehrari, Ronny Emmerich, Helen Ferguson, Galerie Schiras, Debora Harder, Waed Khalaili, Hossein Khalaj, Komische Oper Berlin, Kuehn Malvezzi, Dr. Frank Labschies, Friseursalon Lohengrin, Node Berlin Oslo, Asieh Parhizkar, Radiologiezentrum am Kurfürstendamm, Shan Rahimkhan, Farhad Ramazanali, Sauerbruch Hutton, Seyede Kokab Saadat, Genet Wedekidan, Mohammad Yari, Amanuel Youssefi & all other sponsors/supporters.

More information at: www.berlin-mondiale.de

BERLIN MONDIALE is a project of the Rat für die Künste Berlin in cooperation with the Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln e.V. With advisory support by the Flüchtlingsrat Berlin e.V.
Sponsored within the Berliner Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung.
Haus Leo, Wohnen für Flüchtlinge is a project of the Berliner Stadtmission. Partner for “My Garden Is Your Garden” are the Prinzessinnengärten.