The Anthropocene Project. An Encyclopedia

Man/woman, animal/human being, above/below, right/wrong, subject/object, politics/science, what brings demarcation and orientation in the community, also comes about with a conceptual narrowness. One of the challenges of the Anthropocene is to re-conceptualize the environment. Here lies the difference to the Enlightenment and modernism, as the human being replaced a belief in a higher power with science and created objectivity. The radical break with the past seems to some thinkers so narrow-minded: how is it possible to divorce oneself from everything that has been? But maybe we have never been modern, and just have to free our minds once again? The creed of the Anthropocene is a politics of the many: a constellation of languages and phenomena, the earth-boundedness of everything with which and through which we live. We still have to find out who’s behind the “we.”