Slow Media

Anthropocene Campus, ©Sera Cakal

Presented by Libby Robin and Helmuth Trischler

Slowing down to the pace of a museum visit or engaging with physical or visual objects offers an alternative to the “sound bite” approach of commercial media to communicating complex ideas. The concept of the Anthropocene demands an extended understanding of presence in terms of a “long now” that comprises several lifetimes and a “big here” that conceives locality on a planetary scale. The aim is to establish a sense of global citizenship and a consciousness of an observer that includes coming generations.

Developed by Libby Robin (Fenner School of Environment and Society, Australian National University, Canbera/Division of History of Science and Technology, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm), Helmuth Trischler (Deutsches Museum /Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, Munich), and Reinhold Leinfelder (Institut für Geologische Wissenschaften, Freie Universität Berlin/Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society, Munich). See also the Campus seminar “Slow Media”.

Recording: Video / Audio