Detlef Diederichsen

Detlef Diederichsen has been the head of the Department of Music and Performing Arts at Haus der Kulturen der Welt since 2006. He previously worked as a critic, journalist, editor and translator for media including Spex, die tageszeitung (taz), Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, brandeins and Die Woche. He was founder and managing director of the label Moll Tonträger for several years where he produced albums by artists such as FSK, JaKönigJa and Saal 2. He has issued a number of recordings with his own band Die Zimmermänner since 1980, most recently the album Ein Hund namens Arbeit (2014).

As of April 2021


Singing the War

Panel III: Lament and Glory

With Detlef Diederichsen, Milo Rau, Silke Wenzel, Moderation: Holger Schulze


Jan 17, 2016

Singing the War

Tobago Crusoe and the Kalypso Katz: We Declare War


Jan 16, 2016

Lifelines #4: Roedelius

Roedelius's autobiography

With Detlef Diederichsen


Sep 5, 2015

Alle Veranstaltungen

Stupid Music

Our Stupid Music Culture

with Detlef Diederichsen (HKW, Berlin), Justus Köhncke (musician, Berlin), Jens Gerrit Papenburg (musicologist, Berlin), Moderation: Holger Schulze (Leuphana, Lüneburg)


May 11, 2014

Stupid Music

Artist Talk

Wolfgang Voigt a.o.

May 9, 2014

Evil Music (Böse Musik)

Beautiful Wicked World

with Michael Farin, Lars Brinkmann, Dunja Brill, Paul Paulun, Holger Schulze/Detlef Diederichsen (Moderation)


Oct 27, 2013

The Whole Earth

Van Dyke Parks in conversation with Anselm Franke and Detlef Diederichsen

May 10, 2013

Unhuman Music (Unmenschliche Musik)

David Cope, Detlef Diederichsen, Holger Schulze

Artist talk

Feb 21, 2013

Bonds: Guilt, Debts and Other Liabilities

Debt Sound


Dec 8, 2012

Worldtronics 2011

Bogotá Boom

With: Los Trasantlanticos, Meridian Brothers, Papaya Republik, DJ Tio Changó


Dec 3, 2011

Translating Hip Hop

Translating Hip Hop - Opening

Music festival

Nov 10, 2011

Worldtronics 2010


AiAiAi | DJ Txarly Brown | Asférico + Reparto Caribe | Bradien


Dec 2, 2010

Other events 2010

Jürgen Teipel

"I don't know"

Reading and Talk

Mar 4, 2010

Wassermusik: The Caribbean and Accordion

Scandal, Satire and Social Change - The History of Calypso / Calypso Lounge

Performance and DJ-Set

Jul 23, 2009

Wassermusik: The Caribbean and Accordion

Forró Brasil

Music for servants and taxi drivers


Jul 18, 2009

Worldtronics 2008



Nov 28, 2008