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Sat 20.03.2021

European Culture of Resistance against Fascisms

Online program: Workshops, conversation
Lecture Talk Workshop (...)

Wed 28.04.2021

Re-Reading 1970

Digital workshop
Education Shock
In the workshop with Claudia Hummel, selected German texts will be read that are also referred to (...)
Workshop (...)
Workshop for education experts and interested parties

Sat 9.10.2021

Between Weimarer Republik and Now

Writing workshop for adults
Archive of Refuge
. The writing workshop begins with reading literary excerpts. Discussing them will lead to free (...)
came to Germany later. The writing workshop begins with reading literary excerpts. Discussing them will (...)

Sun 10.10.2021


Workshop for children, families and adults
Archive of Refuge
beats? In the workshop with Anas Maghrebi and Sam Zamrik, participants listen to stories from the (...)
translated into beats? In the workshop with (...)

Mon 1.11.2021

Ear Witnesses: Memories of Non-Places

Sound workshop
Archive of Refuge
Are there such things as non-places? If so, what do they sound like? The sound workshop examines (...)
workshop examines interviews from the Archive of Refuge that describe the waystations and transit (...)

Fri 12.06.2020


Online program: audios, conversation
New Alphabet School
Lecture Workshop (...)

Sun 14.06.2020

#Caring: Workshops & Performance

Online program
New Alphabet School
infrastructures from diverse perspectives. 11am–1pm online, with registration Workshop #4: Who Depends on Whom (...)

Fri 8.11.2019

#Situating: Workshops

New Alphabet School
open up a space for research going beyond academic and disciplinary boundaries. Workshop participants (...)

Wed 20.11.2019

Rethinking Copyright and Related Frameworks for Music

Right the Right
And what if we did everything differently? The aim of this 2-day workshop is to rethink copyright (...)
Workshop (...)
Workshop, projected and chaired by Andrea Goetzke and Till Kreutzer

Sat 7.09.2019

Workshops: It’s not over

It’s not over
documentary play Die NSU-Monologe by Bühne für Menschenrechte, in small groups the workshop participants will (...)

Thu 11.04.2019

Refiguring Spaces #1: The photographic image in art and science

Refiguring Spaces
Photography Research Workshop (...)

Thu 6.06.2019

Refiguring Spaces #2: Security, control and power

Lectures and panel discussions
Refiguring Spaces
Photography Power Research Workshop (...)

Tue 18.06.2019

#Translating: Workshops

New Alphabet School
Lydia H. Liu (literary scholar), moderated by Sima Reinisch and Tomás Cohen The workshop will be based (...)

Sat 31.08.2019

Flaneur Festival

Performances, Walks, Panels, Workshops, Party
City Panel Performance Taiwan Workshop (...)

Sun 8.09.2019

Berlin Calligrams

Filmworkshop for adults
Paris Calligrammes
The film workshop is for adults with an interest in artistically exploring their environment in (...)

Tue 13.06.2017

The Publishing Sphere – Ecosystems of Contemporary Literatures

Workshop and Radio Show
9th Internationaler Literaturpreis
elements, workshop reach-outs, and literary readings they will scrutinize their pre-reflections, research (...)

Thu 16.11.2017

2. Berliner WiSU-Branchentreff Literatur: Working together

Talks, workshops
Talk Workshop (...)

Sat 2.12.2017

projekt bauhaus. Preliminary Course: From Bauhaus to Silicon Valley

Presentations and talks
ideas of the Bauhaus by using its methods: in a preliminary course (2017) and a workshop (2018), it will (...)
workshop (2018), it will seek to expose the internal contradictions of the Western idea of progress and (...)

Mon 22.10.2018

The Urban Playground – Mapping for Insiders

Vacation workshop for Kids&Teens
The Most Dangerous Game
appropriate urban spaces to shape their living environment. The workshop supports the participants on several (...)

Tue 25.06.2019

Inclusive Cultural Institutions - Realities of a diverse society

: The workshop is part of the further training programs of the Bundesakademie für Kulturelle (...)